'Bikini Body' Is No Longer A Thing In 2016

The popular women’s magazine has taken a step towards body positivity by eliminating body-shaming buzzwords.

The Women’s Health magazine has made a New Year Resolution to eliminate words that are ‘misnomers’ and ‘unintentional insults’ from its cover page.

Amy Keller Laird, the editor-in-chief of the popular magazine has issued a letter claiming they will never again feature the words “bikini body” and “drop two sizes” on the front cover. Instead the publication will strive to prioritize words that inspire and motivate readers like “toned” and “strong.”


Previously the magazine kicked out words like “diet” and “shrink” which are not appreciated by the masses. The move was a result of a recent poll conducted by the magazine to see what type of buzzwords their readers find stimulating. The goal is to emphasize not superficial beauty but the real benefits of a strong body capable of indulging in tough physical activities. Since words like “bikini body” suggests only people with rail-thin bodies can don a swim-suit and words like “drop two sizes” suggests a person with a specific body type is ugly, both the terms had to go.

The decision to take out the words may like a minute change, however it is a symbolic leap forward for the portrayal of women in media. There have been instances where buzzwords like “beach body” have drawn fury from viewers. Earlier this year, Protein World, a UK dietary manufacturer received backlash on their advertisement portraying a skinny model in a bikini.


The decision of the magazine has gained a lot of well wishes and praises from women.



Earlier this year, Lauren Conrad also took a stand against body-shaming words like “skinny” and “thin.” Just recently Dascha Polanco of “Orange is the New Black” has started championing the cause for body positivity. Refinery 29 also distilled the word ‘bikini body’in their feature “Take Back the Beach” this summer.

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