These Yearbook Fails Will Make You Glad You’re Past High School

High school yearbooks are often filled with memories that are treasured for life. Unless, of course, you happen to make a fool of yourself.

Leaving school and moving onto the next step in life can be daunting for most people. Just the idea of parting with friends, going into a new environment, and the whole process of growing up is enough to give anyone the chills. While most people put together their best picture and wisest words for the yearbook, some others aren’t that lucky.

People on Instagram have shared some awkward photos and words they came across in their own or someone else’s yearbook with the hashtag #yearbookfails.

Captioned “all I wanna know is who this other tiffany is and why she has my face”, a girl who goes by the Instagram name of @openbookdustypages, shared a picture of her yearbook. Interestingly, her picture was printed twice on the same page, with the same name even.


all I wanna know is who this other tiffany is and why she has my face ?? #yearbook #yearbookfails

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Someone also shared an image of a guy who had some very wise words to share with the world about success and failure.


#follow4follow #spamforspam #fail #yearbookfails #laugh #funny #comedy #like4like Creds:

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People pretend to be millionaires, celebrities and known figures, but all this guy wanted to be was a carrot.


Yes #funnyshit #yearbookfails

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This poor guy probably didn’t realize whatever he said would be going down in the yearbook, until of course it was printed.



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And this one trolled his mom in the most epic manner possible.


With the caption “When you looking fine af and then you blink right when they take the picture,” this picture shows us exactly what one must not do while getting a photo clicked.


This girl really has no hope for the future, and she’s upfront about it.


Glad I ain't the only one?????? #fail #comedy #laugh #follow4follow #spamforspam #like4like #followme Creds:

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