You Can Watch A (Comedic) Preview Of The Bernie-Trump Debate

Comedians James Adomian and Anthony Atamanuik have been on tour debating as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, long before a real debate was scheduled.

While the buzzed-about debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump has yet to be officially scheduled, you can already get a glimpse into what it might look like.

Perhaps not legitimate in terms of verisimilitude, it’s nevertheless extremely entertaining: Comedians James Adomian (as Sanders) and Anthony Atamanuik (as Trump) have embarked on a U.S. tour and already brought a Sanders-Trump debate to many states.

For all those not fortunate enough to see the spectacle live, a version of the debate is available on YouTube through Fusion’s channel.

Adomian and Atamanuik take Sanders and Trump’s most noticeable traits and quotes to the extreme, with Trump promising to “kill everyone,” and Sanders proclaiming that “we are winning hearts, we are winning minds, and we are occasionally winning delegates here and there.”

To add to the hilarity are comedian moderators Paul F. Tompkins, Brianna Baker, and Rhea Butcher.

Trump is the ultimate wildcard, so if he actually debates Sanders, who knows what will come out of his mouth—it could end up being frighteningly similar to the satire of Atamanuik.

You can watch the entire debate above. 

Banner Image Credit: YouTube, Fusion

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