10 Classic Photogenic Poses That Work Every Time

You absolutely cannot go wrong with these 10 go-to photogenic poses that are sure to entice all your social media followers to “double tap.”

Woman sitting on a ledge looking at camera

In the era of social media, posting the most like-worthy photos is critical. In order for your picture to reach its full potential, however, you must be slaying from head to toe, and your pose has to be on point.

In an effort to help you look your best, we've rounded up 10 go-to poses that'll consistently transform your casual pics into works of art fit for Vogue.

1. Lean against a wall and look out into the distance.

This pose makes you look relaxed yet pensive, leaving the viewer to wonder what exactly caught your gaze that they can't see. 


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2. Adjust your shades.

This gives the illusion that your glasses were slipping down and the camera happened to catch you repositioning them. 

3. Bashfully look down at the ground.

Because everyone loves the "camera shy" look.

4. Pretend you have no idea the camera is there.

Impress your followers by making them think you effortlessly took a flawless photo without even realizing it.

5. Perch against a ledge.

Casually show off the cute outfit you wore without making it too obvious. 


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6. Twirl around.

This is simply a must anytime you're wearing anything flowy. 


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7. Appear to be in motion.

Another form of being caught off guard that leaves the viewer guessing what you're doing, if you're walking, and where you're headed. 

8. Let the scenery do all the work.

Because Mother Nature's phenomenal beauty is the ultimate glamor shot that never gets old. 

9. Pose with children, preferably in matching outfits.

When in doubt, overload your followers with heartwarming cuteness. 


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10. Show that you're having the time of your life.

There are few who can resist the allure of a genuine smile reflecting pure joy.  


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There you have it — go forth and take all the photos. Your feed will start looking like it's professionally posed.

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