10 Criminals Who Supremely Failed At Committing Their Crimes

These 10 criminals, ranging from pick-pocketers to car thieves, all have one thing in common: They failed miserably at carrying out their crimes.

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Believe it or not, becoming a crook actually requires critical thought and skill. However, some people don’t consider that fact when they decide to pursue a life of crime. 

These 10 thoughtless criminals, in particular, should have thought twice before breaking the law because the illegal schemes they cooked up in their minds did not end very well for them in real life. 

1) This wanted 18-year-old led police directly to her by broadcasting her whereabouts on Facebook Live.

2) Jeremy Allen Watts, 30, and Jessica Faye Heady, 24, stole merchandise from a Tennessee pawn shop owner’s home and then tried to sell the items back to him at his shop.

3) These thieves tried to break into an ATM in Washington state using a blowtorch and set all of the cash inside on fire.

4) A 24-year-old Japanese man named Shogo Takeda was arrested after stealing a company executive’s wallet while being interviewed for a job.

5) An unidentified pick-pocketer slyly snatched a man’s wallet while he was using an ATM, but then quickly returned it upon realizing he was captured on CCTV.

6) This super intelligent United Kingdom man was caught on surveillance footage strolling out of a Dunelm home furnishings store with a 7-foot Venetian blind stuffed in his pants.

7) This guy carved a hole in the roof of a Porsche he was trying to steal.

After failing to successfully start the engine, he climbed out of the hole he created, walked away, and then tried to steal another car 15 minutes later.

8) Surveillance footage captured this Chinese thief stealing a woman’s cell phone on the street and running straight into a police station.

9) While being pulled over, a drunk, erratic Ohio driver named Nakeia Hall decided to hop into a Taco Bell drive-thru and order food.

Making matters worse, when the officer finally approached her vehicle and asked for her driver’s license, she handed him a Lube Stop oil change receipt.

10) Dany Y. Ortiz of Chicago faced felony charges last year after getting caught breaking into cars and taking money to support his pizza-eating habit.

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