10 Exotic Islands You Must Visit Before You Die

Ever wanted to travel around the world but not sure where to go? These islands are sure to fuel your wanderlust.

1: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


If you are a nature lover and enjoy wildlife, this is the perfect place. Attracting thousands of photographers and wild life enthusiasts, the Galapagos Islands are home to sea lions, seafaring lizards, short feather penguins and flightless cormorants.

Cruise ships are an attraction here and the Pikaia Lodge, a five-star resort, even has its own tortoise reserve and allows you to wander around the islands as you please in a private yacht.

2: Bali, Indonesia

Bali can also be best described as the Indonesian paradise. Whether you prefer to sunbathe on a stretch of white sand or swim along the coral ridges accompanied by tropical creatures, Bali has it all. It is the perfect place for you to relax and unwind this summer.

3: Maldives

With underwater nightclubs, some of the world’s best resorts, floating pontoons and crystal clear water, these islands remain ever famous for travelers and explorers from all parts of the world. It also happens to be one of the best destinations for people interested in snorkeling and scuba diving, and at the end of your day, you can always stretch out on the white sand beaches and sand bars as the night sets in.

4: Tasmania, Australia

Travelers have always raved about this destination, speaking of its unmatchable grandeur by other islands across the globe. Surrounded by rolling dunes and granite formations at the beaches, Tasmania is one of the most surreal islands you’ll ever experience. 

5: Santorini, Greece

The white houses and blue domed churches make everything in Santorini look so much brighter and fresh. The sunsets over Oia are sure to take your breath away while the black sand beaches will leave you in awe. No words can describe Greece and its beauty.

6: Moorea, French Polynesia

If you’ve always wondered whether a paradise on Earth actually exists, Moorea is your answer. With its exotic beaches and thatched bungalows and resorts, these islands are sure to make you never want to go back home.

7: Maui, Hawaii


What words could suffice describing a destination like Hawaii? With beaches so clear and air so clean, you are sure to watch magnificent sunrises and sunsets and fall in love with the colors nature has to offer.

8: Kauai, Hawaii


Kauai Islands are home to some of the most amazing golf courses and world class resorts. This is also the perfect spot to watch the clouds over a perfectly crescent beach moon and lose yourself in the divine surroundings these islands have to offer.  

9: Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia

Attracting thousands of divers year-round, the Great Barrier Reef Islands are home to more than 3,000 individual reefs made up of trillions of coral polyps. A number of resorts are spread across these islands and house diverse cultures, making it a perfect vacation sport for tourists and travelers.

10: Malta

The Malta islands are surrounded by limestone cliffs dotted with ancient fortresses and baroque churches.

Lying between the North African coast and Sicily, these islands are a combination of honey-colored stone set against deep blue hues, and are rich in architecture. What more could you want than brilliant architectural structures coupled with a handsome backdrop?

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