10 Sexist Laws That Harm Women At Home And Around The World

These 10 sexist laws, from the United States to Nigeria, are examples of how far society still needs to go in order to reach gender equality.

Although women have definitely made strides toward equality, if the 2016 U.S. presidential election indicated anything, it's that we still have many more strides to go.

In some parts of the country — and the rest of the world — there are outdated and sexist policies still in place that illustrate the widespread discrimination women face today.

1. Georgia, U.S.

A Georgia Court of Appeals ruled it legal to take an upskirt photo of a woman sans her consent. It's only an invasion of privacy if it's taken "behind closed doors," like in her own home. The ruling decided that "place" was interpreted as the location, like a grocery store in this case, not the part of the body.

2. Lebanon

Women in Lebanon

As long as the man marries the female he kidnaps, rapes, or assaults afterward, he can't be prosecuted, Marie Claire reported.

3. Cameroon

Husbands in Cameroon control what professions their wives can have, including forcing her to have the same job as him.

4. Saudi Arabia

Since 1990, women have been banned from driving and having a driver's license. While some discriminatory policies are up for debate in the country, this particular one may not change.

5. Oklahoma, U.S.

In 2016, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that "if a victim is so intoxicated as to be completely unconscious at the time of the sexual act of oral copulation," then it's not considered assault and can't be criminalized, The Guardian reported. 

6. Nigeria

Women in Nigeria

A husband can beat his spouse "for the purpose of correcting his wife," according to HuffPost. The country has high rates of domestic violence, with three women being killed by their husbands each day.

7. Turkey

Husbands must give their wives permission to have a job, which has led to only 29 percent of women being employed. 

8. Vatican City

Vatican City

It's illegal for women to get divorced or vote in the Pope's home city.

9. Missouri, U.S.

This law is currently being considered by Missouri's Senate, but if passed, would allow employers and landlords the right to refuse housing or fire women based on their reproductive choices, like using birth control.

10. India

Women in India

Marital rape for any woman over the age of 15 is considered legal and not a crime.

These are just some of the many laws prohibiting women to their fundamental rights, but here's hoping there's change in the near future.

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