8 Reality Shows You'll Want To Binge To Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasure

Reality television shows are notoriously bad, but also so satisfyingly good. You don't need to be sick in bed to have an excuse to binge-watch any of these reality TV shows.

Maybe you're sick in bed. Maybe you just need a lighthearted breather from more serious business. Or perhaps you want to invest deeply in pseudo-real characters and juicy dramatic plot lines.

Whatever your reason, reality television is the answer to your entertainment woes.

Bordering between real life and total absurdity, reality TV is the epitome of guilty pleasure. In that spirit, here are a few shows to binge-watch right now. (And good luck trying not to.)

1. "Say Yes to the Dress"

What's more important than a bride choosing the dress for the biggest day of her life? While that answer might be up for debate, there's no arguing that watching these women and their usually stubborn bridal parties pick out their wedding dresses is definitely addictive. 

2. "Naked and Afraid" 

What happens when you stick two naked humans in the middle of uncivilized nature and tell them to survive for 21 days? If you guessed bug bites and drama, you're right.

3. "House Hunters International" 

Feed into your wanderlust by binging on these super-digestible episodes of people finding their new homes abroad. It's always fun to guess which house they'll pick.

4. "The Great British Baking Show"

A cooking show taking place in the English countryside and without a monetary prize may not seem that thrilling, but its characters are so endearing that you might just fall in love. It's a national obsession over in the United Kingdom.

5. Any of the "Real Housewives"

Ah, the true definition of reality television: big houses, thrown drinks, and backstabbing.

6. "Vanderpump Rules"

Who knew a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles could have so much drama between its waitstaff of wannabe actors and socialites? (We did.)

7. "RuPaul's Drag Race"

With its huge mainstream success, "RuPaul's Drag Race," which is like "America's Next Top Model" for drag queens, will have you cracking up and rooting for your favorite contestants.

8. "Fear Factor"

The died-and-revived-again-a-few-times-over stunt/dare reality competition is best known for its gross challenges, like eating bugs. Thankfully, we can watch and judge safely from our couches.

Bonus: "Unreal"

OK, so this one is not exactly a reality television show, rather it's an openly scripted series on Lifetime that keeps us grounded by mimicking the behind-the-scenes manipulation it takes to produce these wildly entertaining reality television shows.

Just remember to get up for food and water during your binge sessions.

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