These 15 Fathers Are Absolutely Winning When It Comes To Parenting

Let's take a moment to celebrate all the dads who have warmed our hearts and made us laugh through their viral interactions with their kids.

Father's Day is right around the corner, and as we gear up to celebrate the male figures in our lives, it's only right to acknowledge the many dads who have made headlines for going above and beyond the call of duty for their children.

Check out these 15 fathers who are totally killing the daddy game right now.  

1) This dad who allows his sassy toddler to express herself. 

2) This dad who taught his little girl how to make killer nachos. 


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3) The stay-at-home father who became internet-famous for his hilarious parenting notes and then wrote a book for other dads. 

4) This dad who got rid of everyone's school lunch debt in one go.

5) This daddy-daughter duet who made the collective internet's heart melt.

6) This dad who kept his daughter company from beginning till end.

7) This dad who watched YouTube tutorials to learn how to style his daughter's hair and became an absolute pro. 

8) This witty dad who found whiskey in his teen daughter's bedroom. 

9) The dad who rewarded his daughter with ice cream after she accused her school of committing a war crime. 

10) The dad who delivered his own baby on the side of the road. 

11) This dad who is clearly the apple of his daughter's eye. 

12) These next two doting dads who made their daughters' dreams of becoming Disney princesses come true. 

13) This dad who offers up helpful (and hilarious) advice for other dads.

14) The thoughtful dad who passed out candy to airplane passengers last Halloween so his toddler daughter wouldn't miss out on trick-or-treating.

15) This loving father who unknowingly obliterated Muslim stereotypes with his heartwarming texts to his daughter.  


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