You Can Now Buy Gold Shoes Worth $20K In Dubai

A pair of shoes is at the center of attention at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre – and for good reason.

Twenty Thousand Dollars

There are shoe lovers, and then there are shoe lovers — the ones who will literally wrap their feet in gold in the name of fashion.

Now fashionistas have that chance, with a pair of 24-karat gold shoes featured at Dubai's Leatherworld Middle East 2016 exhibition this week. The pricey hoofers go for $20,000.

The shoes were especially made for a customer by Italian craftsmen who, apparently, hold the world patent for the unique design.

“We use very precious leathers, crocodile, ostrich, python and others,” stated A&E Fashion Group, which launched the custom-made shoes. 

Apart from gold, the shoes are also available in silver and, slightly more expensive, platinum finishes.

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24 Karat Gold Shoes

“The golden, silver and platinum shoes are major crowd-pullers. These unique handmade leather shoes are launched for the first time in the region by A&E Fashion Group,” said Antonio Vietri of A&V Group, an Italian fashion company, according to Emirates 24/7.

Vietri said around 250 grams of gold was used to make the gold shoes. “We have received many serious visitors at the stall and we hope to sell some units in the Middle East,” he added.

While spending $20,000 on a pair of shoes might sound obscene to many, such indulgence in fashion is not uncommon in the Middle East, especially the United Arab Emirates.

“Dubai remains the number one destination for luxury spending in the Middle East, followed by Doha, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City,” a survey commissioned by American Express Middle East revealed earlier in April.

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