These Are The Top 5 Cities For Digital Nomads

Combining travel and work may be a tough task when on a full-time job. Turn yourself into a digital nomad and you’ll never have to stay in one place again.

Sitting behind a desk and working at an office during designated hours is already an old school practice. Today, people want to have flexibility at their job, be able to take any number of days off to travel the world and yet be paid well. Although, at first all this may seem too much to ask for, now people can become digital nomads and live their dream life.

For this, all one requires is an internet connection, proper technological devices for the particular job and a ticket to wherever in the world. People wanting to ditch their house, full-time job and home-country for a nomadic lifestyle should consider these top five cities in different countries across the globe.

Bangkok, Thailand

Top 5 Cities

For a large city, Bangkok is extremely affordable and inviting. It has everything one moving to a new place would ask for: well-developed infrastructure and means of commute, people of all races and cultures, a wide range of things to do in free-time and numerous islands at only a few hours away for a weekend vacation.

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Berlin, Germany

Top 5 Cities

Berlin is next on the list, particularly known for its large and cheap apartments. Anyone living away from home wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on accommodation, and be left with only a small amount for other living expenses. Berlin’s affordable rents, and spacious homes thus attract thousands of digital nomads each year.

San Francisco, United States

Top 5 Cities

For people who want to move to the United States, and feel just like they are at home, San Francisco is really the place to be. This city will prevent you from being homesick since its friendly people and open sense of community makes one feel welcomed.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top 5 Cities

Amsterdam is known for its high quality of life. For people who want to live with access to pretty much everything in their home city, Amsterdam will have keep them satisfied with all that it has to offer.

Paris, France

Top 5 Cities

Well, not much has to be said about Paris and living in a French city. This dream city, popular for its Eiffel Tower and delicious cuisine, will allow digital nomads to immerse themselves into French culture and style, letting them enjoy the country’s food, music, art, culture, architecture, people and, well, pretty much everything.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your laptop, a one way ticket to any of these five cities, and begin living your best life today.

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