5 Things You're Doing In The Shower That Are Actually Bad For You

Prepare for the shock of a lifetime as you read through the awful shower habits you’ve been practicing and how damaging they are for your skin and health.

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Most of us associate showering with cleanliness, sanitation, and relaxation. However, many people don’t realize there are a plethora of unhealthy common shower habits that could lead to illness.

But have no fear, because below you will find an informative breakdown of the five worst shower habits that you should stop doing ASAP juxtaposed with five healthy bathing habits you definitely need to adopt.

Bad Habits: 

Showering Too Often

Water trickling from shower head

Regularly showering more than once a day can severely dry out your skin, which could lead to cracking, and that doesn't sound fun, does it?

Soaking In Scorching Hot Water

Man standing in shower

Although a hot, steamy shower can be the perfect end to a long day, beware of staying in these conditions for too long.

"Taking extremely hot showers may feel good, but it brings blood to the surface, promoting inflammation," Dr. Scott Schreiber told Bustle

Exfoliating Too Much

Exfoliating brush

While exfoliating is a common method to remove dead skin cells, overdoing it could cause micro-tears in the skin, which can lead to irritation and damage to sensitive skin.

It's recommended to keep exfoliation down to once or twice per week, Bustle notes.

Using A Dirty Loofah

Close-up of pink loofah

By now, it should be common sense that loofahs are playgrounds for bacteria. These popular body scrubbers collect dead cells, surface bacteria, and yeast that lives on the skin.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a regular plastic loofah can last up to two months before it needs to be replaced. However, it is vital that you rinse them thoroughly after each use and allow them to fully dry outside of the shower. 

Lathering Up Your Entire Body Daily

Hands lathered with soap

Soap can strip away moisture and remove the protective, natural oil barrier from your skin. In order to combat this, you can occasionally limit your lathering to the areas that are more prone to perspiration and odor, such as the underarms, genitals, and feet.  

Good Habits: 

Wash Your Towels Frequently

Three folded bath towels

This is a very self-explanatory practice that should already be happening in your household, but in case you aren't sure exactly how often to wash your bath towels, HuffPost recommends after approximately three uses. 

Take Cold Showers

Man taking cold shower

As we mentioned above, hot showers aren't the best for your skin. Cold ones have tons of health benefits, though. They improve circulation, speed up muscle recovery after a workout, ease stress, and more. You can even end your hot shower with a cold blast — the cool water will make your hair look and feel stronger due to the flattening of the follicles.  

Moisturize Immediately After Bathing

Lotion in heart on skin

After using soap — which we know dries out our skin — it's important to restore the moisture we've lost. It's best to do so while your skin is still slightly damp.  

Dry Off Gently

Towels sitting on table

Take it easy on your epidermis and dry off smoothly and gently so as not to aggravate your skin. 

Avoid Using Towels To Dry Your Hair

Woman with towel around wet hair

For as long as you probably can remember, you've been wrapping your soaking-wet hair in a towel after washing it, but over time it has come to light that this method is bad for your tresses.

Towels can cause stress and breakage to your follicles. Instead, try using a white, cotton T-shirt.

“The T-shirt does not have the rough grooves of a towel,” said Professional hairstylist and Redken Artist Isabella Vazquez back in 2014. “It’s a flat surface, so the water sinks into that surface and it slides through the hair instead of [roughing] it up.”  

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