Why Daylight Saving? Why?

Why do we observe Daylight Savings Time and should we quit altogether?

The hate for daylight savings time is strong, making many people question why it’s even around anymore. If you are one of the haters, then here are a few facts that will get you scratching your head.

Daylight savings is not for farmers

DST actually started in World War I by Germany to help save fuel. That's right, this worldwide trend was started by Nazi Germany. There’s ongoing debate about whether it helps save energy now. Indiana actually experienced an increase in energy usage after adopting DST.

There are actual health risks associated with DST

Considering that people are groggy after losing an hour of sleep, it doesn’t come at much surprise that traffic accidents and work-related injuries increase slightly after the switch to DST. A study conducted in Sweden revealed that heart attacks rise by 5% during the first three days after the switch. Headaches are also reportedly higher. Woah people, calm it down.

Increase In Suicides

A study published in 2008 actually reported an increase in male suicide rates in the few weeks that follow the switch to DST. Some people just can’t take all that sunshine.

Amtrak halts overnight trains for one hour during the switch

Imagine being on a train and they just sit there for an hour, wasting your time, just because they don’t want to go off schedule. I’d be mad too.

And people all over Twitter are expressing their hate for DST




If you still don’t hate it, John Oliver tries to make the case against it, asking Why is this still a thing?


But for those of you that love daylight savings (like me) here are a few facts to shoot back at the haters.

Daylight literally makes you happier person

According to a study conducted on Facebook status updates, DST may make us sleepy, but it also makes us happy. Enjoy your free sun, people. 

DST benefits several business industries

What do people do with a little extra sunlight? Fire up the grill of course. The charcoal and grill industry are known for lobbying in support of DST. Convenience stores also benefit from the change. 

How should we solve this international debate as fierce as the argument behind #TheDress?

This genius solution:

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