7 Photos From Iran Will Destroy Your Preconceptions

These photos show what Iran really was prior to the revolution – a myriad of colors and cultures.

1. Tehran University students lounge in 1971.


Women in Iran are a subject of the society’s many dichotomies. Although females do not wear mini-skirts and sit in segregated areas, literacy rates have increased dramatically since the Revolution.

2. Iranian band called The Black Cats.


Jazz/rock music became popular in the night clubs and dance clubs in Tehran in the 1970s. The government has imposed restrictions on public open live concerts leading to the development of a thriving world of underground singers and bands since the '90s.

3. A Tehran department store in 1971.



The Kourosh Department Stores was the first large chain of retail stores in the country. It was a popular clothing destination for men and women and featured a famous restaurant on the top floor.

4. Iranian university students in the 1970s.


Immediately following the Revolution, all Iranian universities were closed down from 1980 to 1983. The state of scientific education was also heavily affected. However, the subsequent improvement has been rather impressive. In 2011, the country ranked 40th in science production and first in scientific growth in the world.

5. Just a group of people rocking-'n'-rolling the 1960s.



No big deal!

6. A group of women protesting against the forced veil imposed shortly after the revolution.


From 1936 to 1979, Iran went back and forth between two extremes on forced unveiling and veiling of women. In 1936, the state banned the hijab and in 1979, it was made compulsory.

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7. This is how it should’ve been all along.


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