7 Products You Should Always Buy At Rite Aid (Or Really Any Drugstore)

Drugstores have long been overlooked for their savings. Sure, you have to go to another place besides the grocery store, but you'll find great buys there as a reward.

It’s no secret that a drugstore giant like Rite Aid is in constant competition with CVS, Walmart, and even club stores like Costco for your business.

To win, they’ve got to give you some pretty great deals and make sure that everything in their well-lit aisles is priced to impress.

Not all buys are great for your wallet, though. To help you weed out the bank account busters, here are seven products you should always try to buy at Rite Aid. 

1. Beauty products


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From lipstick to mascara, face wash, and blush, don't break the bank when you have to refill your makeup bag. If you play your manufacturer coupons right, you can get products at 67 percent off or more.

2. Laundry detergent


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Rite Aid has frequent sales on major laundry detergent brands. OxiClean and Tide lovers should look for once-a-month Plenti points rewards either on their store-printed coupons or online.

3. Cold and allergy medicine


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It's no secret that these items can be quite expensive, but sales are frequent at Rite Aid. Stock up on their in-store and manufacturer coupons to easily save up to 50 percent.

4. Dishwashing liquid

More often than not, a simple price comparison between your grocery store and drugstore will show the latter as the true winner.  

5. Alcohol

This one might surprise you, but in some parts of the United States, it's actually cheaper to buy select kinds of booze from Rite Aid (or drugstores in general). You can find deals on beer often, and wines can be heavily discounted, too. Use apps like ibotta for even bigger savings. 

6. Men's hygiene products


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Even if you're super picky about what body wash or shampoo you use, guys, there's often a sale on it if you wait. Check the website often and visit stores to get extra coupons. 

7. Vitamins

You can score super-cheap vitamins at Ride Aid. It seems like they have weekly BOGO deals, and not just on the generic kinds, but the big brands, too. 

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