8 Summer Soup Recipes To Prove Soup Isn't Just For Winter

Who says soup is just for the cold and wintry days? Here are 8 delicious soup recipes you'll want to slurp down, even in the dead of summer.

It's a universal truth that soup is amazing — all year round.

Although great at warming you up when it's chilly outside, soup can also be the perfect companion for a hot summer day (or night!)

Not to mention soup can be incredibly healthy and easily made in batches, so you can eat it all week. Sounds like a win-win to me.

From chilled soups to lighter soups that won't weigh you down, here are 8 soup recipes that just can't wait for winter.

1. Chilled avocado soup


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This cold and creamy avocado soup is seasoned with some lemon juice, garlic, and cilantro.

2. Cold cucumber soup with yogurt and dill

This refreshing green soup uses Greek yogurt as a creamy base.

3. Summer borscht


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This Ukrainian dish is summer friendly by being chilled for four hours or overnight. Also, can we talk about that color?

4. Gazpacho


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Gazpacho is the ultimate summer soup, and this recipe includes a medley of veggies.

5. Chilled tomato peach soup

Ripe peaches and heirloom tomatoes are a match made in soup heaven for this pureed soup.

6. Chilled mango soup with crema and pepitas 

Mango just screams summer. Add some dried New Mexico red chilli to ramp up the savoriness. 

7. Spring minestrone soup

This lighter take on the classic Italian soup uses artichoke hearts, spring greens, and peas.

8. Quick raw corn chowder


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Don't put the corn on the BBQ, put it in your soup! Corn plus avocado and Greek yogurt equals this raw corn chowder. 

Soup on, my friends..

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