9 Tips To Survive A Music Festival

Music festivals are weekends full of dancing, good vibes, and tons of memories. But they're also totally exhausting. Here are tips to make them a little more enjoyable.

Summertime might as well be dubbed the unofficial season of music festivals. From the big ones like Coachella and Lollapalooza to the smaller gatherings such as Camp Bisco and The Meadows, there are countless music festivals (and lineups) sure to tickle your fancy.

But regardless of what kind of festival you're attending, let's be real: a weekend (sometimes even longer) of being on your feet all day and all night for shows — most likely in the heat — can be tough on your body.

Sure, you know to hydrate and put on sunscreen, but here are nine tips to make your festival experience a little more enjoyable. 

1. Determine a meet-up spot.

At festivals like Coachella, cell service is basically nonexistent. At the beginning of your day, choose a meet-up spot in case someone gets lost in the huge crowds. 

2. Pack toilet paper and hand sanitizer.


Two words: Porta-Potty. By the end of the night, it's not a pretty sight. 

3. Download the festival's app.

The proprietary app should have a handy map and schedule, which you can usually customize before attending the show. One Reddit user suggests going one step further by making the schedule your phone's background — it doesn't get more accessible than this.

4. Put your phone in a Ziploc bag.

That same Reddit user smartly recommends a Ziploc bag for your phone or wallet if there's a chance of rain. There's nothing worse than being left out in the rain with soggy cash and a dead cell.

5. Bring lots of cash.


ATM fees plus long ATM lines mean wasted time and money. Avoid this by getting cash beforehand. This can also help you budget how much you spend each day. If anything, at least have spare emergency cash stowed somewhere.

6. Pack extra underwear and socks.


The answer is always yes: You will get dirtier than you think.

7. Bring layers.

Consider taking a windbreaker or sweater with you for when it gets chillier at night. They also come in handy to sit on in the grass.

8. Dry shampoo and wet wipes are your new best friends.


For those camping, dry shampoo and wet wipes will be your saving grace. 

9. Dress wisely.


Keep in mind that your outfit should be Porta-Potty friendly. You also don't want to worry about a wardrobe malfunction if you're lying in the grass because your feet are killing you.

Now, go forth and festival!


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