Dubai Is A Luxury Car Graveyard After Rich Arab Kids Hit The Skids

Lo and behold! Dubai faces a major problem with cars but it is nothing close to what you think it is.

While cities around the world are gripped by famine, air pollution, lack of clean water and natural disasters, Dubai once again proves it is the land of luxury. The moment you enter the city you cannot fail to notice cars worth millions of dollars lining the roads, making their way around the wealthy land. Usually rich Arab playboys are seen flaunting their luxury motor vehicles, but when faced with a rocky financial situation, they are left with no choice but to abandon their branded toys and escape.

Every year, thousands of cars are left to collect layers of dust at the airport or parking lots, some with loan documents and apology notes stuck to the windscreen.

The UAE provides no protection for its civilians against bankruptcy and a bounced check or failure to pay back debts is considered a serious crime. This leads expatriates or even locals to fleeing the city, leaving their cars to an uncertain future.

The vehicles then picked up from the spots where they were left to corrode, are sold at discounted rates or auctioned. Brighter side of the story? Cheaper Ferraris for sale.

Wish you could have one? Check out the cars below and be stunned at their fate:


Abandoned luxury cars in Dubai


Abandoned cars in Dubai

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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