Adidas Plans To End Use Of 'Virgin' Plastic By 2024

The move by the sports apparel company would reduce its use of plastics by about 40 tons yearly. Many other companies are considering similar measures.

Sports apparel company Adidas announced on Monday an ambitious plan to eliminate entirely its use of plastics within six years.

By the year 2024, Adidas wants to end use of plastics in all of its dealings, including the use of polyester, which is used in clothing like shirts, sports bras, and more created by the company.

But they don’t intend to stop there. Adidas said its ban would include ending its use of plastics in its operational dealings, eliminating first use “virgin” plastic in its offices, outlet stores, warehouses, and distribution centers.

“We aim to use 100% recycled polyester in every product and on every application where a solution exists by 2024,” Adidas spokeswoman Maria Culp said in a statement.

The plan, if implemented successfully, would result in saving nearly 40 tons of plastic each year.

Plastics are polluting the world in an unbelievably bad way, but many businesses are making the move toward reducing their use of the product. Starbucks, for example, has similar plans for its plastic straws, creating a plastic “sippy cup” for most of its drinks and using biodegradable paper straws elsewhere.

More businesses should embrace plans like these. As we continue to pollute the world with plastics, other alternatives must be considered, and cleanup efforts for the pollution that has already happened need to come about.

Adidas is showing that it can, and will, reduce its use of plastics completely, paving the way for others to follow suit in the future.


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