Airplane Pilot Melts Hearts With Mid-Flight Proposal To Girlfriend

An Australian pilot took his passengers by surprise over the weekend when he popped the question to his girlfriend over the PA system mid-flight.

An airplane pilot warmed hearts after making a life-changing mid-flight announcement over the weekend.

Captain Dooley Ellis, who has flown for Australia’s Qantas Airlines for three decades, was carrying a flight of passengers from Melbourne to Los Angeles when he decided to pop the big question to a very special woman onboard.

“We have a special passenger on board today, folks,” Ellis said over the PA system.

“Her name is Ana. She’s travelling back to South America now to visit her family, and I want to make sure she comes back to me in Australia. So now that I have her complete attention: Quieres casarete conmigo? Will you marry me?”

Ellis then came out with a bouquet of flowers to greet his embarrassed, yet excited partner who enthusiastically accepted the grand proposal.

“I wanted to bring my life — as a pilot of 30 years with Qantas and whose father was also a Qantas Captain — and Ana’s life together in that special moment that only I could achieve,” Ellis said of the heartwarming moment.

“I wanted everyone not only on board the aircraft, but spanning the world to know how I feel about Ana.”

According to Fox News, Ellis admitted that he struggled to keep the big secret away from his better half.

“I have only ever kept one secret from Ana before and it was when I returned from Colombia and made a photo PowerPoint presentation of our travels. I cannot keep a secret. I am amazed I did it and I haven’t even told her what her Christmas present is,” he said.

Although Ana will be in Colombia for two whole months, she at least has great news to bring to her family and friends. When she does return, she and Captain Ellis can start planning the first day of the rest of their lives together. 

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