American Tourism Has Slumped And Trump May Be To Blame

Fewer tourists seem to be packing their bags to come vacation in the United States, and some experts say that President Donald Trump is largely to blame.

While President Donald Trump tweets about the unprecedented number of jobs he thinks he's created, there is one industry that he has seriously overlooked, and it's not doing well: tourism.

Since Trump has taken office, tourism to the United States has gone down significantly. And while this might not sound alarming to some, it should, because this dip — or as Newsweek called it, "Trump slump" — equals more than 40,000 jobs lost and roughly $4.6 billion in spending. 

It's not news that Trump's election was concerning for many people, especially for other world leaders, but is the negative image Trump has painted of American values actually enough to keep tourists from coming to visit?

Apparently so. And frankly, it's not a mystery why.

With Trump's numerous attempts at implementing a travel ban, his extreme anti-immigration rhetoric, his hysterical tweeting, and most recently, his referring to African countries as "shitholes," Trump has not done much to improve the U.S.'s image in the eyes of other countries. 

Experts also say that heightened security measures and a weaker U.S. dollar have also contributed to the "Trump slump."

"It's not a reach to say that rhetoric and policies of this administration are affecting sentiment around the world, creating antipathy toward the U.S. and affecting travel behavior," Adam Sacks, who works as the president of Tourism Economics, explained to The New York Times last September. 

The "Trump Effect" has also impacted how the rest of the world sees America's ranking with other countries, and the U.S. has been bumped from No. 7 to No. 8 on U.S. News & World Report's Best Countries list, which was released last Tuesday. 

Why the drop you may ask? The report claims it's due to Trump's severe unpopularity and the country's political instability, lack of progression, and trustworthiness.   

With hopes of jumpstarting tourism, the U.S. Travel Association is planning to launch a "Visit U.S." campaign to help encourage international travelers to come to America.

It's difficult to envision the success of such a program when Trump continuously attacks and demeans other countries and their people. 

But who knows? Maybe losing billions of dollars in tourism, forcing political instability, and creating aggressive division between his country's citizens was what Trump had in mind when he said he'd "make America great again." 

Sounds like every vacationer's dream. 

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