The Grass Is Always Greener In Tinseltown’s Backyards

California might be going through the worst water crisis in over a millennium but what does it matter to Hollywood celebrities?

Water Waste Drought

California is experiencing its fourth year of drought, the worst, researchers say, the state has experienced in nearly 1,200 years. Yet, even in the face of such severe crisis, many A-list celebrities have refused to change their water usage.

Amy Poehler has been deemed as one of the worst water waste offenders in Beverly Hills and has been fined accordingly.

The comedien’s home in Beverly Hills used about 170,000 gallons of water from May 14 through July 14, 2015 — that’s approximately 12,000 gallons per day for two months straight.

However, she is not the only California resident who is guzzling down so much water. A mysterious resident of Bel Air, who is now dubbed as “Wet Prince of Bel Air” used an estimated 12 million gallons of water in a single year.

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The Kardashians are not far behind. Last year, a representative of Kim Kardashian informed the media that Kim took the water crisis seriously and she has “no problem letting her grass go brown.”

However, later in the year, a news station helicopter flew over the property and found it mysteriously lush and green as ever. When the publicist was asked about the excessive use of water she was quick to make an absurd comparison — that farmers spend way more water than celebrities.

Flagrant use of water seems to run in the family. Kylie Jenner was hit with two violations and one paltry fine of $100 for wasting water at her $2.6 million house last year. Similarly, Jennifer Lopez, Denise Richards, David Hasselhoff were also hit with tickets for watering their lawns at the wrong time.

Even though Californian water regulators have implemented sweeping, unprecedented restrictions on water usage and are fining people for wasting water, a fine of $100 was not going to dissuade millionaire celebrities, for whom such an amount is loose change.

Water Drought


That thought doesn't escape Beverly Hills officials, who toughened up about four months ago. The city sent letters to dozens of customers in November warning them of high water use and urging them to cut back.

As a result, penalties became much more substantial for water waste offenders. David Geffen, a philanthropist and media mogul, was slapped a fine of more than $30,000 for using 27000 gallons of water per day — equivalent to what roughly 60 Californian families use per day.

However, not all celebrities are as selfish. Sharon Osbourne and Cameron Diaz have reserved flushing the toilet as much as possible. William Shatner also held a fundraising campaign to raise $30 billion for a pipeline from Seattle to California while Lady Gaga donated $25,000 to fund a water supply study.

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