Are You Selfie-Obsessed? Chances Are You're Actually Not That Hot

A new Canadian study says that the more pictures you take of yourself, the less attractive you probably are. Granted, it was a pretty small study.

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International Business Times reported Monday that people generally think they look better in their own photos instead of a photo taken by another person in what could be called the "selfie paradox."

The University of Toronto recently led a study on the attractiveness of selfie-takers, which used 198 students. One hundred participants were self-professed regular selfie-takers, while the other 98 were not.

Each participant was asked to take a selfie and have someone else take a picture of them for a normal picture. Then, a group of 170 students were asked to rate the selfie and the normal picture as if it were shared on social media based on three factors including attractiveness, likeability, and narcissism.

The results showed that both groups of selfie-takers and non-selfie takers preferred the picture that they took themselves rather than the picture taken by someone else.

But, regular selfie-takers rated themselves much higher on likeability and narcissism than non-selfie takers.

The authors of the study wrote that others viewed the regular selfie-takers as “less attractive, less likable, and more narcissistic in their selfies than in the photos taken by others.”

The self-perception of selfie-takers becomes incredibly distorted, the more selfies a person takes. Scientifically, their own “noticeable biases” take hold and their perception of their own attractiveness becomes skewed.

If you are a habitual selfie-taker, the bottom line is to beware that you probably don’t look as good as you think you do, despite the hundreds of photos that you take just to get the perfect one. Don’t trust your selfies. 

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