Beards And Mustaches Throughout History Go Modern

From the handlebar to the Tom Selleck, we take you through the beards and mustaches of history.

Take a 2-minute crash course in the history of beards and mustaches. From the rise and fall of the Hitler stache, you may be surprised how many of these styles we still see today. 


I love a clean shaven face like I love a baby's soft skin. Someone smack that smooth skin. 

History of moustache and beards



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Wolverine from X-Men keeping the sideburns alive and well. 

A moustache timeline



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Got a hickey to hide? Try a chin curtain.


Mustaches of the eighteenth Century



It's the mustache equivalent of love handles. 


Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century 



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If you're going to try this look, get yourself a top hat and try to pull off the Charlie Chaplin look. Or else risk Hitler face. 

Toothbrush moustache 


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Pencil moustache 


And if you can't grow one yourself, there's always the school supplies method:



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This look will forever haunt every Best Buy manager and super villain.


the goatee beard 



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Would you like a motorcycle with your mustahce? 


horseshoe mustache



Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Tom Selleck

the chevron moustache 


And our current favorite: The Lumberjack. 

the Lumberjack mustache 



Beards and mustaches all around!



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