Beards Are Dirtier Than Toilets And Other Unfortunate Beard Facts

Beards are more disgusting than you may realize. Beards might make you look hot. Or maybe you’re growing it out for charity.


But there’s also a dark side lurking beneath every 5 o’clock shadow and hipster beard.

1. Beards contain more germs than most toilet seats, according to Cosmopolitan France. The course and kinky nature of beards lends itself to trapping dirt, germs and grease. Milk is also known to get trapped in beards and eventually become rancid. While the milk scenario is a little far-fetched and probably rare, it's extremely disgusting. Wash your beard fellas. 

2. Your beard is linked to baldness. A test on 100 men revealed that having both hair on your head and on your face results in extra heat. Male baldness thus becomes a thermoregulatory compensation for beards, allowing heat to escape up to three times faster through the scalp.


3. Women think you’re more attractive without a beard. 19 men had pictures taken of them with and without a beard. 200 women were asked which picture was more attractive, and the results skewed much more in favor of the clean-shaven look. 

4. Men in Turkey are shaving their beards to avoid being associated with Jihadists. Men report being victimized and accused of ISIS involvement because of their beards during protests. This has resulted in an uptick of men deciding to go clean shaven in the nation. 


4. The CIA tried to make Fidel Castro’s beard fall out. The scheme was an attempt to make Castro lose face in the 60s. Their plan was to plant thallium salts on his shoes, a highly toxic compound that causes hair loss. The plan never came to fruition.

5. People are legitimately afraid of beards. Pogonophobia is the heightened fear of beards leading to nausea, sweating and rapid breathing. I’d say some beards are scarier than others.


6. In Russia, men had to pay a tax to keep their beards. They had to pay up to 100 rubles a year. Peter the Great enacted the tax because he admired the clean-shaven look from the West. 

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