Beat The Heat With These 9 Summertime Hairstyles

Say goodbye to boring buns and ponytails this summer and slay with some of these modern, chic styles that will save time and help you keep cool in the heat.


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The weather is heating up with summer less than one month away. While you may be gearing up for vacays and beach days, you probably neglected to plan ways to coif your hair. We all know how sweaty our strands can get when left unattended in 90+ degree temps.

Have no fear, though, because we’ve taken the liberty of providing nine chic ways to style your hair this summer that will also help you beat the heat.

Most people are familiar with classic braids, buns, and ponytails — but over time, beauty trends have evolved, allowing us to get more creative with these traditional updos. Get ready to add some flair to your hair.

1) The Crown Braid: This classy, regal style keeps your hair out of your face and off of your neck while serving up the perfect amount of elegance that allows you to easily transition from a fun day at the beach to a night out on the town. Here's how to do it.


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2) Fishtail Braid: A new twist to an old style — the fishtail braid quickly transforms a typical, bland plait into a detailed, high-fashion do. Watch the tutorial here.


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3) High Bun: The high bun can be styled to appear messy and effortless or sleek and tidy. Both looks allow you to go about your day without worrying about your tresses getting in the way. Here's how to get the messy look.


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4) Pigtails: Add a grown-up flair to this childhood style by French braiding the front and leaving the ends loose, being sure to secure the braids with hair elastics to prevent unraveling. You can also transform your pigtails into “space buns” for a Princess Leia meets Minnie Mouse blast into the past.


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5) High Ponytail: Channel your inner-Beyonce and pull your ponytail up a little higher than usual, then spice it up with some wand-curls or beach waves.


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6) French Braids: Say goodbye to the days of wearing one or two French braids that flow straight and stiff from front to back. Add some twists and turns to make the style more intricate and edgy.


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7) Sassy And Short: The summer is also a time when many women decide to do away with their hair altogether. A nice bob or pixie will drastically cut down time spent in front of the mirror, allowing you the freedom to get out and enjoy the sun, hassle-free.


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8) Accessorize: Hats, headbands, bows, and head wraps are often some of our best friends during the summer. Maybe you're in a hurry or are just too hot and frustrated to give your hair much attention — either way, accessories are a gift for all those days that we just can’t.

9) Half Up, Half Down: The half up 'do is another classic that allows you to leave some of your locks down while still keeping your hair out of your face — the best of both worlds. It can be quick and low-maintenance or jazzed up. Add curls and waves to the loose hair or French braids to the half that’s pulled up.


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Whatever your hair preference, texture, or length, there’s a fierce style just waiting to be worn by you this summer. 

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