Beauty Brand’s New #HalalPaint Is Much More Than Nail Polish

A Los Angeles-based beauty brand has introduced a line of water-permeable nail polishes suitable for Muslim women to wear that also promote healthier nails.


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Beauty brand Orly and lifestyle blog Muslim Girl have teamed up and are changing the nail polish game in a major way with #HalalPaint.

The new halal-certified lacquer collection is a collaborative effort that features water-permeable nail polishes made with 100 percent halal ingredients, Bustle notes.

This innovation is not only brilliant, but it’s socially important as it symbolizes the cosmetic world's commitment to embracing diversity and recognizing Muslim culture, which is often negatively stereotyped, particularly amid the recent rise of Islamophobia.

"This line is important because there are so many girls and young women who aren't represented by mainstream industries,” said’s Azmia Magane. “They see things about them that are designed without them instead of for them and by them. This is our way of bridging that gap."

Muslim women often choose to forego wearing regular nail polish “because it creates a barrier on their nails against ablution water for prayer,” the #HalalPaint website explains.

With this new collection, the breathable technology allows “both oxygen and hydration ... to pass through the layer of paint.” Additionally, the formula makes for a longer-lasting manicure, which is a win for all nail polish enthusiasts. And — a perk for the environmental advocates — #HalalPaint is vegan and cruelty-free.

Have you fallen in love yet? Because we have. 

The collection is currently available for $49 on the #HalalPaint site. There are six shades which range from bright tones, such as red and berry to more neutral hues, including nude and gold.  

The sassy and punny names of each of the colors definitely take the cake for cleverness: Haram Bae, #MuslimGirlFire, The Perfect Amani-Cure, What The Fatima, Ig-Noor The Haters, and Wallah Bro Wipe Out.

This is brilliant, this is beautiful, this is everything


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