Beauty Products You Probably Use Every Day (That Are Actually Toxic)

Do you know what's in the products you put on your face and body every day? Here are five beauty products that contain ingredients that are toxic to your health.

Get your makeup bag and start cleaning it out. We don't just mean getting rid of expired mascara or crusty creams. No, we're about to take a trip to the dark side of the beauty industry.

Sure, you've probably heard horror stories about now-retired products that caused horrible skin reactions, but there’s still a plethora of toxic ingredients playing starring roles in your daily beauty routine. Odds are, unless you use brands like these, most things in your makeup bag, including the five below, are not totally safe. 

1. Foundation

Women getting foundation makeup applied

Foundation can be found in just about every makeup bag. Since most women use it on their entire face, it's especially dangerous when you consider all the harmful chemicals in it — methylparaben, glycol, and propylparaben. All of these ingredients that you can barely pronounce are all harmful to the endocrine system, which can be a great threat to fertility.

Also for those ladies who like to get a little glow from powder foundation, you might want to steer clear. Many of them have an ingredient called mica, which is also found in cement. If inhaled too much over time, the chemical can cause shortness of breath and general weakness. 

2. Bronzer 

Bronzer makeup palette

Bronzer may be a safer option than tanning, however there are some bronzers out there, like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends and Physicians Formula Basked Bronzers, that contain high amounts of parabens. The man-made chemical was created to prevent the spread of fungi, mold, and bacteria in your favorite cosmetic products so they last longer.

This sounds good, right? In theory, yes, but parabens have been linked to cases of both breast and skin cancer. Before you buy your next bronzer, make sure to read the ingredient list. 

3. Blush

Girl holding a makeup compact with blush in it

Some blush products contain a formaldehyde releaser that is known as quaternium-15 and polyoxymethylene urea, which is basically made from the body fluids and urine of other animals. Gross, right?  Polyoxymethylene urea is considered to be an allergen and has been linked to organ toxicity.

4. BB Cream

IsaDora BB Cream

When BB cream came out a few years ago, it became an instant beauty sensation. According to SheKnows, it's a hybrid skincare-makeup product, hydrating your skin, covering like a foundation, and often even acting as a sunscreen.

While it has so many uses in one, the cream often contains methylisothiazolinone. Methy ... what now? The preservative can irritate your eyes, skin, and lungs, as well as causes allergic reactions.  

5. CC Cream

CC Cream

Ladies who love the low-maintenance look most likely have CC creams in their makeup bag. It’s a great product to use to correct discoloration like sallowness, dark circles, and redness. Unfortunately, some of these creams contain oxybenzone, which is a chemical that has been attributed to disrupting hormones.

So here's the lesson in all of this: Always read the ingredients of the products you put on your face and body. Doing so could help your health in the long run and lead to further education on the subject. 

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr Vivianna_love

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