This Chinese Bakery Is Making Life Sweet For Disabled People

“Customers always think that we are not able to make cakes because of our special needs but … we can do it better than any others,” said a worker at the bakery.

The Bread of Life Bakery in Beijing is giving disabled and orphans in China a hope for the better future.

The bakery is run by disabled people who have been abandoned by their parents and grew up in orphanages. Almost all of the abandoned children in China have disabilities and despite the country’s rapid economic growth, it is seriously lacking in social safety nets.

A lot of parents cannot afford basic medical care for their children and many of them are forced to desert their kids who show sign of debilitating ailments.

Almost 83 million people in China suffer from some form of disability. According to China’s Disabled Persons’ Federation, approximately 12.33 million people have visual disabilities, 20.4 million have audio disability, 1.27 million have speech disability, 24.12 million have a physical disability, 5.54 million have an intellectual disability, 6.14 million have a mental disability and 13.52 million have multiple disabilities.

Most of these people have no prospects for the future.

That’s why an American couple, Keith and Cheryl Wyse, decided to start the charity Bread of Life Bakery in 2008.

The bakery trains and employs people, some of who had never baked in their life and had to learn to make cakes and bread from scratch but soon grew to love it.

Grace Yang, who joined the bakery in 2011 said, “I never thought I would be able to do this kind of work, but I came to realize I am actually not useless.”

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