Bernie Sanders Is An Unapologetic Foodie And He Knows It

The Democratic presidential candidate takes his presidential campaign very seriously. And if there’s one other thing that merits the same attention, it’s food.

Be it a campaign stop or a late-night television show appearance, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders doesn’t forget to grab a bite to eat.

From his lunch date with Larry Wilmore to an impromptu pizza party with the ladies on "The View," the Vermont senator has been there and eaten that.

Just recently, Sanders visited Coney Island, New York, for a campaign rally but couldn’t help himself from making a stop at Nathan's where he, along with his wife Jane and former R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe, had a hotdog.

“This is a breaking story,” Sanders said as he stood at the counter.

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The New York Times even found out how the presidential hopeful likes his hotdog: “Mustard and sauerkraut,” Sanders said putting in his order while the crowd surrounding him shouted, “We love you Bernie.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post did some research into his eating habits and discovered Sanders is “a dedicated carnivore who likes to grill when he can, keeps locally raised meat in the house, craves tomatoes in season and fruit preserves anytime, and orders tandoori pork at an Indian standby when in Burlington.”

Jane Sanders also told the Post the senator likes to start his day with “Raisin Bran, cherry juice and an English muffin if he’s at home, or bacon and eggs if he eats out.”

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To find out more about Sanders’ unyielding love for food, watch the video above.

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