Black Friday Brawls: Customers Lose It Over Holiday Shopping Sales

Black Friday shopping sales were positively apocalyptic.

Retailers all over the country slashed prices of clothing, digital accessories and even flights for this year’s Black Friday and shoppers stampeded in desperate attempts to avail the best bargains.

Many shop workers took to Reddit to vent their frustrations in a vain attempt to give a hint to the public about the madness they have to deal with each year.

A Nike Factory Store at the Seattle Premium Outlets looked like it was hit by a tornado after customers attacked the orange boxes in a frenzy of shopping fever.

"It looked like an earthquake just rocked the place," Larry Downer, a customer who arrived later said.

Vicious brawls between holiday shoppers broke out in shopping malls in America, including one, where a woman snatched a package from the hands of a little girl — whose guardian then held the woman in a chokehold.

Some people had to be escorted out by security guards for being involved in scuffles.

Nothing like this type of behavior just hours after Americans gathered to be grateful for all they have on Thanksgiving. 

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