Boy Cried Himself To Sleep After Getting Locked Inside A School Bus

A young boy was excited to hop on the bus for his first day at school, but instead faced the nightmare of being trapped inside and forgotten about.

A five-year-old boy was locked inside a Pennsylvania school bus and missed his first day of kindergarten. Now his mom doesn’t want him near any school buses at all.

Prince Oquendo was geared up for his very first day of school, when something unimaginable happened. He was forgotten by the bus driver and got stuck inside the bus, causing him to miss his first real school day. Apparently, the driver didn’t drop him off at the Monocacy Elementary Center in Birdsboro, as instructed.

Oquendo was locked inside the vehicle in 85 degree Fahrenheit weather for more than four hours, CBS in Philadelphia reported. Trapped without water, the boy was at a loss of what to do. He was understandably scared and upset and cried until he fell asleep—twice. “I cried myself to sleep… two times,” Oquendo told the CBS affiliate.

His mom, Michelle Oquendo, said of the traumatizing event, “He was so excited. So excited. I have pictures of him. He was ready to go.”

No one realized her son was still in the bus until she called the elementary school after he didn’t arrive home when she expected. She said, “He was hot, sweaty. He didn’t even know who I was at first.”

Oquendo's mom wasn’t even notified that her son was absent from class, which Superintendent James Harris said should have been done. Harris also said that the driver was immediately fired for his negligence and failure to search the vehicle before locking up and exiting.

The superintendent said, “It just goes to show how important our procedures are. We don’t need to be doing anything new. We just need to know what we are supposed to be doing.”



Banner photo credit: flickr, Greg Gjerdingen

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