Baby Boomers Want To Travel More But They’ve Lost Out On Time

Traveling can change your life -- even if you're late in life.

It's never too late to pull up the anchor and take off to see the world. That's the message British Airways is sending out (admittedly because they can profit from it) after a survey with older people tagged lack of travel as their biggest regret.

British Airways recently released the data of two studies that asked 2,000 Baby Boomers from the U.S their biggest regrets. A big chunk of the respondents, ages 50-70 years old, revealed they wished they had traveled more, but hadn’t done so after life got in the way.

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While one-fifth of the respondents revealed that their biggest regret was not traveling enough, around 50 percent of men and 60 percent of women said they never had a passport because they didn’t think they could afford international travel. Moreover, most of them worked too much, leaving them with little or no time to travel.

Also, 23 percent of the respondents believe the lack of vacations negatively affected their health. Sadly, even of the people who actually took vacations, one in 10 admitted to spending more than an hour a day working while on a holiday.

Adding to the list of regrets, nearly 30 percent of the respondents said that their biggest regret was losing contacts with old friends. And one-fifth of the men stated that they regretted not spending enough time with their children.

Hopefully, the next generation and millennials will learn from their elders, and prioritize their days off to travel the world and spend time with family and friends. Overwork can cause various mental and physical problems and taking a vacation every now and then is important to get the most out of life. 

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