Best Brother In The World Loses It At Sister's Graduation

The best, most loving brother in the world had the best excuse for not filming his sister's graduation.

We have all been there, the moment we lose our abilities to think, stand upright, and chill, simply overcome because our favorite person in the world  our sibling — just accomplished something great.

Deandro Wurangian experienced something similar last week, when his little sister Deandra graduated high school. Bewildered that his little sister is officially on her way to adulthood, Deandro lost it magnificently.



When the time came to film her big moment, Deandro was all over the place, flailing his arms and shouting at the top of his lungs.  We are treated to some lovely shots of the sky and screeches of "THAT'S MY SISTER!"

When his excitement subsides, Deandro realizes his error.

Too late.

Deandra Graduation

Fortunately though, the siblings had a ball at the graduation as they looked forward to a new chapter in Deandra's life.

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