Wheelchairs Come To The Runway With This Clothing Line

A Canadian designer creates a collection of garments specially designed for people with disabilities.


Having a disability shouldn't stop people from being fashion mavens. 

That's the drive behind a clothing line called IZ, created by Izzy Camilleri. Her collection includes a wide range of pants, shirts, blouses, blazers and dresses for men and women, all constructed to better fit people in wheelchairs. 

The idea came to Camilleri, who has dressed stars like J.Lo, Angelina Jolie and David Bowie, in 2004, when a journalist and wheelchair user asked her to create special clothes for individuals with special needs while lamenting the lack of wheelchair-friendly garments in the market.

The designer, moved by the request, decided to take action and designed the first line of clothing created specifically for the seated frame of wheelchair users. The IZ brand then launched its online store in 2009.

The apparel brand features various signature cuts and styles that fit a seated body shape without interfering in the way the wheelchair functions — or the wearer's fashion sense.

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The menswear collection has a blazer with a cutout at the back. This makes the sides of the jacket fall perfectly at the back and the person wearing it never has the fabric hunched together at the rear. Pants have a high waist so the back doesn't gap in a seated position. 




Outfits for women use wrap waists, easy-to-reach zippers and feature additional details to make the outfit appealing and pretty.


IZ clothes are a little heavy on the wallet since they are all custom made for special needs people, and all the proceeds go toward building ramps across North America.

Check out the video above to see how the clothes work and function.

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