Connecticut Is Building A Members-Only Gas Station For Millionaires

The Guess Corporation is contributing to Connecticut's wealth gap by planning an extremely luxurious gas station and convenience store for multi-millionaires.

At a time in America when the disparity between the very rich and the very poor is growing, it only seems appropriate for luxury services such as Guess Corporation’s Guess Petroleum Clubs to start catering to the elite crust of society.

What’s more, according to a study from last year, the state of Connecticut has the greatest divide between the poor and rich in the entire nation. So, for the new GP Clubs to choose to open up in Greenwich within the next year makes perfect sense.

According to VICE News, the luxurious gas and convenience store will feature valet parking, a hotel, meeting rooms, a water park, a steakhouse, and a designer clothing boutique.

It will be a members-only facility in which only the Greenwich residents who have a net worth of $50 million will be eligible to join if they pay the annual fee. The fee includes emergency roadside service and entry to other GP Clubs worldwide.  

Tiffany Taylor, the company’s vice president told Greenwich Time in an email, “Greenwich is considered an ultra-affluent city in America, and we think it is important for GP Club to have a presence in the city.”

An estimated 250 clubs are expected to open around the world, as the chain expands.

Exclusive gas stations such as those developed by GP only worsen the extremes of the rich-poor divide and contribute to negative stereotyping of the “other half” of society – in both directions.

Banner photo credit: Facebook, The Guess Corporation

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