Cotton Candy Grapes: Try The Latest Food Craze Before They're Gone

The urge to tinker with perfectly good food has struck again. Cotton candy grapes exist, and they're meant to taste like people's favorite carnival treat.

Grapes are already a delicious treat, but thanks to a touch of cotton candy flavoring this fruit has received a sweet little addition. 

A few years ago cotton candy grapes were created by a California-based table grape grower using natural breeding practices, and they've recently made their way to the East Coast. Since cotton candy grapes are only in season for a short time in the summer, fans go wild for them when they are available, and they usually sell out fast at local markets. These grapes "aren't like the fluffy stuff you munched on back in the day," explains the Grapery website. "But they're just as sweet — and much juicier." 

So where can I get them you ask? According to Delish, if you live near a Sam’s Club then you’re in luck because the chain will be selling the grapes until Sept. 10. They’re even offering up a $1 coupon for a 3-pound bag, so if that’s not enough motivation to get out and get some ASAP I don’t know what is. If you don’t live near Sam’s Club, there’s no need to fret because the Grapery has a detailed, state-by-state lists on their website of where the popular product is sold locally.

Since cotton candy grapes are now all the rage, it's natural that the Twitter universe has weighed in with an assortment of opinions. 

Some are a bit skeptical about them, and some simply don't like them.







While others had nothing but great things to say about the grapes: 







One way or the other don't take Twitter's word for it when it comes to these grapes.  Go out and try them for yourself! 

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