Couple Turns Ugly 1946 Trailer Into The Coolest Mobile Bar

An engaged couple converted a vintage 1946 Mobilglide trailer into a hip traveling bar for their wedding. Prepare to feel extreme jealousy when you see the end result.

Garage sales, thrift stores, even your local trash facility: They're all packed with treasure if you just take the time to sift through it — with gloves, of course. 

That's exactly what Scott and Gabby, a couple on their way to the altar, uncovered when they found Hello Penny. The now adorably-named bar was first a vintage —read: beat up — 1946 Mobilglide trailer. It needed some serious TLC, but they were up to the task if it meant a cute addition to their reception. 

Here's what Hello Penny looked like when they got her.

She'd clearly seen better days. But after some planning and some creative thinking, they got to work transforming the trailer into a mobile bar.

They cut a 10-foot opening on the side where drinks would soon be served. Next up, they added a few coats of paint and a brand new floor. What a difference!

Of course, no bar would be complete without plenty of counter space. Lights and other electronics went in "to flawlessly sustain a party late into the night and completely off the grid," according to an Instagram post.

This is how Hello Penny turned out. She's a beauty. The best part? She's available to book for your event. Check out her website and where she's willing to travel here.

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So the saying really is true: One man's trash is another man's treasure. I can't wait to see what I find at the junkyard this weekend.

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