Creepy ‘iTombstones’ Let You Bring Your iPhone To The Grave

A Siberian artist unveiled a new design for tombstones made to look exactly like smartphones using the magic of laser engraving on Ukrainian basalt.

The smartphone craze has officially made its way into the afterlife.

Siberian artist Pavel Kayuk  — who heads the company Autograph, specializing in laser engraving — has made it possible to bring your iPhone to the grave, so to speak, by designing tombstones in their likeness.

Dubbed “the iTombstone,” the new morbid accessory was first displayed by Kayuk at a funeral exhibition in Siberia.

Initially, the design was simply meant to “attract attention,” but after the public caught wind of the innovative "eternal mobile phones," demand for them quickly grew, Mashable reports.

iTombstones are made of Ukrainian basalt and can be all yours for $1000. Strangely, (or perhaps awesomely, depending on your perspective) the tombstones look identical to real iPhones — complete with a lock screen photo, which is likely chosen by the family of the deceased.

As bizarre as this idea may seem at first, it actually adds character to the traditional cement block or granite plaque that reads, “Here lies so and so.”  

Do not be discouraged Android users, because Kayuk reportedly promises that he can make Samsung tombstones as well, according to The Siberian Times.

The real question is; can he keep up with all the new smartphone models?

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @CapitalOfficial, @DailyMirror

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