Didn't Brush For Weeks And Other Housemate Horror Stories

Writer Dawn Foster asked people about their experiences of living with a housemate and soon regretted it.

Having to share a house with anyone, even if they are your best friend or relative, can be a rather complicated experience. It is only when you travel or live with someone that you get to know their true self, and mind you, what you see isn't always very pleasant. Some people have rather bizarre habits or odd ways of living that for another can be absolutely disgusting or outrageous.

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Writer Dawn Foster posted a tweet asking people to narrate their “worst housemate stories.” What followed was something she did not expect as she soon posted another tweet saying ”Actually can’t cope with how terrible these are.”

Here are some of the unimaginable responses she received:






It looks like this one deserves the prize though:


Interestingly Foster herself had some pretty crazy experiences:




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