Delta Wants To Replace Boarding Passes With Fingerprints

Delta Air Lines is testing out new technology to replace boarding passes with fingerprints. The advanced option could drastically change air travel.

Headed on a trip? You may soon be able to ditch your boarding pass in favor of your fingers when traveling with Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines have announced that instead of using a boarding pass to get on planes at Regan Washington National Airport (DCA) in Arlington, Virginia some passengers can actually now use their fingerprints. That’s right! A few customers will get the chance to say goodbye to that paper boarding pass and hello to something so high-tech as using their fingerprint for ID to board the plane.

Delta started using the security process in May, that allowed their Delta SkyMiles Members to use their fingerprint for proof of identity at the DCA Skyclub. Now, these same members will be able to do away with their mobile or paper boarding passes as long as they are enrolled in CLEAR, which is a biometric identity verification platform that lets the passenger get through security lines in five minutes or less. 

Before the end of summer Delta will launch the final phase of their biometric test, which will allow its members to also use their fingerprints to check a bag. If all goes well with the testing Delta hopes to offer this option to other airports. So if you’re a frequent flyer of Delta’s, be on the lookout! 


 “Once we complete testing, customers throughout our domestic network could start seeing this capability in a matter of months — not years. Delta is delivering the future now.” Gil West, Delta’s Chief Operating Officer said. 

"We’re rapidly moving toward a day when your fingerprint, iris or face will become the only ID you’ll need for any number of transactions throughout a given day. We’re excited Delta’s partnership with CLEAR gives us an engine to pioneer this customer experience at the airport," he added.

No more having to print a boarding pass from home, stop at the kiosk at the airport, or keep your phone out so security can scan the mobile boarding pass. Hands-free flying! The wave of the future.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Andrei Dimofte

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