Denmark’s Supermarkets Get On Board For The Fight Against Food Wastage

While millions of people go to bed on an empty stomach, others end up wasting a whole lot of food. Demark is dealing with both the issues in one go.

A new supermarket has opened in Copenhagen, Denmark, and aims to solve the problem of food wastage.

WeFood is the World’s First Supermarket to sell foods that have passed their expiry date or are slightly damaged in a way that would cause it to be thrown out of a regular store. The products available are sold at prices 50 percent lower than any other grocery store in the city and thus provides food at subsidized rates for the underprivileged or people who can’t afford food items at regular prices.

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A local non-profit Folkekirkens Nodhjaelp set up the project last year and the store opened its doors on February 22, 2016 .

Denmark, on the whole has been working towards dealing with food wastage, and has cut down on the amount of food thrown away each year. A team of volunteers working towards the cause collect expired products from various supermarkets and stores and deposit it off at WeFood from where it is passed on to the needy for a reduced price.

Indeed this is a great effort towards dealing with hunger and food wastage. Not only is it providing people with food, it is also reducing the food wasted, which is just what we need today.

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