So This Is What You Get If You Attend A Royal Wedding In Kuwait

A list of “upper class” attendees received diamond rings as gifts at this royal wedding.



Wealthy Arabs of the Middle East – especially the royal families – are known for their exquisite taste in all-things-expensive and unnecessary showmanship.

This wedding in Kuwait was a fine mix of both.

The Khaleej Times reports that Shaikh Fahad bin Nasser bin Sabah Al Ahmad, the grandson of the Emir of Kuwait, recently tied the knot with Fay bint Loay bin Jassim Al Kharafi, the daughter of a “famous” businessman. She is also the granddaughter of a former speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait.


Photos of what is being referred to as a “mythical” or fairytale wedding ceremony, emerged on the Internet this week and went viral.

As if the lavish décor and the grand feast weren’t captivating enough, the list of upper class attendees received diamond rings as gifts.


The Times further stated that several “elite Arab stars,” were also invited to the royal ceremony.

This is the second most extravagant wedding to hit the headlines this week.

On April 12, Prince Abdul Malik, the son of the Sultan of Brunei – one of the world's richest men – wed bride Dayangku Raabi'atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah in what was described as the most opulent wedding of all time at the monarch's 1,788-room palace in Brunei's capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.

Prince Abdul Malik

Apart from the couple’s matching dresses, which were made of gold, the bride wore a diamond tiara studded with six teardrop-shaped emeralds along with a large diamond necklace embedded with no less than 15 emeralds. Even her wedding bouquet was prepared with precious gems and metal instead of regular flowers.

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