Drought-Stricken Indian Village Used Naked Boy In Plea To Rain God

An Indian village in desperate need of rain conducted an unusual ritual that involved a naked child drenched with water carrying an idol through the village.


Several areas in India have been enduring a serious heat wave and drought. Just recently, the country reached its highest temperature ever on record of 51°C (about 124° F). 

Needless to say, these uncomfortable conditions are prompting residents to take extreme actions to try to bring rain to their dry lands.

A village in southern India went as far as to parade a naked little boy around in a ritual to appeal to the rain god.

The Pardarhalli village in Chitradurga district —where the ritual took place — located in the southern state of Karnataka has been experiencing a drought for the last five years, according to Mashable. It’s so bad that the residents are even facing acute shortage of drinking water.

The villagers poured pots of water on the boy’s head and recited prayers to an idol. The boy carried the idol around the village while others walked alongside him playing drums. He was eventually offered new clothes as part of the ceremony as well.

While this practice may seem highly unusual and inappropriate, desperate times call for desperate measures. When Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, sometimes you have to seek help from another divine figure.

This ritual displays a starkly different approach to handling drought in comparison to what we’ve seen in places in the U.S. — like California, which has also been experiencing a drought lasting several years. 

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