These Floating Homes Make You Feel Like You Are Living In A Fish Bowl

Dubai's floating villas are not your average houseboats. Complete with an underwater glass bedroom, the asking price is a cool $2.7 million.

In Dubai, the city synonymous with luxury and abundance, a design firm is now selling three-story floating villas complete with an underwater level. Akin to living in a fish tank, ten homes have been purchased so far, leaving 121 villas up for grabs.

floating house

Known as “The Floating Seahorse”, the project is named in honor of the native seahorse, that delicate and beautiful endangered species residing in the Persian Gulf.

floating house

The villas are different from traditional houseboats in that they have no propulsion, so they simply float in the water. The initial prototypes are made from steel and weigh over 200 tons.

floating house

Judging from the Reuters video tour of the interior, these look like the most spectacular prefab homes ever built. 

floating house

Worth $2.7 million, the floating villas might be a little outside of most people’s league, but then again, a little property porn never hurt anyone.

What seems ironic about this residential project though is that it's not exactly environmentally friendly despite the project's moniker.

While the homes are being called "The Floating Seahorse," invading the aquatic sanctuary of an endangered species with 200 tons of steel 131 times over doesn't exactly get the Green Peace award.

Where does all that waste go?


Photo credit: Reuters

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