Facebook Users ‘Check In’ At The Standing Rock To Protest DAPL

The post claimed law enforcement authorities used Facebook locations to see how many people were present at the Standing Rock protest site — and to take action against them.

A million people checked in at the Standing Rock reservation on Facebook in the latest attempt to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The movement came after a post asked people to check in at the site — even if they were not present at the Cannonball river campsite —  so that police can’t use Facebook locations to find out how many people were present at the protest site.

The post claimed police have been using this tactic as way to keep track of the number of protesters at the Standing Rock and would disrupt camp when the crowds grew large.

However, the Morton County Sheriff Department has refuted the allegations and said they do not track protesters like the post claimed.

It is not yet confirmed whether protesters actually wanted people to use this technique to help the Sioux cause or if it was just sent out as a viral hoax.

But no matter the intention, it seems to have transformed into another expression of solidarity with the Native American tribes.

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