You’re Doing Yourself A Favor By Fighting On Facebook

People often land themselves in social media arguments or heated discussions, and interestingly, everything they read has an impact on their views about the subject.

The Internet has become an intrinsic part of our lives and so has social media. With people becoming more aware of their surroundings and having stronger opinions by the news they're bombarded with, every now and then, it's easy to get into a dust up on Twitter and Facebook.

Even though onlookers may think that Internet users indulge in social media discussions to attract attention, research has proved otherwise.

Researchers from Lehigh University and George Mason University worked with Pew Research Center to gather data about people’s online habits and signaled whether or not their minds were changed by Internet interactions.

Out of the sample, the researchers found that 648 respondents claimed they were “exposed to a political opinion they did not agree with.”

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The research and findings were published in the Journal of Social Media Studies and found that even if a person wasn’t actively seeking new information, engaging in social media interactions often led them to having their opinions changed.

This reinforces the idea that even though most of us like to think our opinions aren't shaped by social media spats, nothing goes unnoticed by our brain.

The findings just go to show that social media impacts our life way more than we imagine, and social media discussions that start off as an exchange of information may often end up in a change of view points of the parties involved.

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