Fashion Psychologist Explains The Secret Messages In Melania's Clothes

Fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen believes the first lady gives away several hints through her personal style.

Michelle Obama and Melania Trump are, style-wise, quite possibly two of the most exciting first ladies in history. It's amazing what their choice of clothing says about the way they tackle their role as first lady.

Trump may be known as a woman of a few words, but the first lady’s fashion choices speak volumes. From a fashion model to the first lady of the Unites States, Trump has seen a huge shift in both her career and her style over the years.

Fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, founder of Fashion Psychology Institute gave out some clues about the messages that Trump has been trying to send everyone. Karen believes the first lady gives away several hints through her personal style.

“She may appear to be difficult to read because she isn’t as flamboyant or as vocal as most first ladies that we’ve seen in the past,” Karen said. “But as a fashion psychologist, when I analyze her I see her as speaking without saying words. She speaks very loudly through her clothing.”

Karen, believes that Trump has her own distinctive sense of style that reveals a lot about her personality.

Trump is often photographed wearing her coat draped over her shoulders, creating a cape-like effect. Although most people think this style could be a slick way to avoid holding her husband’s hand, Karen thinks that Trump wears her coat over her shoulders to create a “protective shield”

“Covering her hands and arms lets her appear less inviting and less warm,” she said. “Melania is saying: ‘I’m creating a barrier, a protective shield.”

She also added that this shield gives the first lady a sense of invincibility. “When you wear capes you feel untouchable.”

The first lady was mocked in August 2017 while on her way to visit Hurricane-stricken Texas for wearing high heels, According to the fashion psychologist, wearing these stilettos makes the FLOTUS feel more powerful, knowing that she is towering over others.

“It’s the opposite of the Napoleon complex,” she said. “When you’re wearing high heels your confidence goes up. Some women feel like they are towering over others and it helps them to feel powerful.”

Trump is often spotted with her face hidden behind huge sunglasses even at night, According to Karen, with her introvert nature, the first lady uses this as a tactic to avoid making eye contact with the people.

She said, “Again, this is her being introverted and reclusive. She’s saying, ‘I really don’t want you to look at me, I’m not really a people-person but because of this presidency, because of this administration, I have to go out here and shake hands and be interactive, but I really feel shy. I really feel nervous.’”

Trump might be too conventional when it comes to her outfits, but she’s often photographed with figure-hugging dresses. The fashion psychologist noted that before her husband entered politics, Trump appeared to be comfortable dressing provocatively and was not afraid to show some skin.

“That’s still underneath there. That’s still something about her, but she has to figure out another way to convey that sex appeal, without being jarring and without being inappropriate,” said Karen.

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