#Followmeto Meme Gets A Punch In The Face With Funny Taiwanese Couple

On Sunday, a Taiwanese couple posted several photos to a Facebook community page parodying the popular #followmeto meme which rapidly went viral.

Couple Forrest Lu and Agnes Chien recently went on a trip to Hawaii with hilarious results. As shared in a Facebook post, the couple played with the #followmeto meme that typically shows a couple leading each other by hand to somewhere iconic or beautiful.

A classic #followmeto looks something like these:

Instead of gracefully leading their partner by the hand, as the traditional meme suggests, the Taiwanese couple displayed a comical look at affection by posing as if Chien were dragging around Lu on their trip.

followmeto meme, Agnes Chien

Taiwanese couple hilarious photos

Taiwanese couple meme

The meme #followmeto initially became viral back in 2013 when Murad Osmann posted a romantic photo series of his girlfriend leading him by the hand to beautiful landmarks.

We hope that more couples will get inspired to make their own twist of the #followmeto meme, which sometimes can be incredibly cheesy. 


Banner Image Credit: Facebook

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