Funny Triplets Played The Ultimate Yearbook Prank

These triplets proved that great minds think alike when they planned their quotes for their senior high school yearbook that went viral.

Another school year has ended bringing with it the usual graduations, goodbyes, and parties.

High school seniors get the honor of putting a quote below their senior portrait in their yearbook, but often struggle to come up with something funny or smart to say.

One set of triplets took the challenge and nailed it.


This year for the Durham triplets' high school yearbook quote, they quite literally put their heads together to deliver the cutest knock-knock joke—all it took was a little touch of creativity and common sense.

Showing their tight relationship, the fraternal siblings Kassidy, Keaton, and Kylee, turned their yearbook portrait page into a clever joke celebrating that they would no longer have to attend high school. 

Delivering a twist on a tried-but-true classic, the Durham triplets easily get the prize for the best yearbook joke this year, or at least the most viral.

Simple and direct, the joke surpasses cheesy and is pretty funny if read in a dry, monotone voice.

This might be the longest-lived knock-knock joke of all time, made to permanently go down in history in the yearbook pages for all of time.

The more times you read it over and over, however, the joke takes a slightly creepy turn, considering that the triplets don't stop smiling and just aren't there anymore.

They just don't stop smiling, those relentless triplets.



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